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For 20 years, People™ has been providing training to staff of clients across
a variety of industries. Our approach to training differs from other training
providers due to the fact that we do not consider a training program to be
successful unless there is a demonstrable and measurable impact on
employee performance in the area of focus.
Experts at People™ conduct in-depth research into your staff and
processes to identify the best suited content, trainers and delivery
framework to create a comprehensive program tailored to your

After the rise of Covid-19 People™ optimized all training programs and delivery methods to suit online/remote sessions, without any hindrance to communication and effectiveness.

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In 2020, People™ trained over 50 under-privileged women to set up a home-based restaurant that would operate through the foodpanda app.

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Process flow of Bespoke Trainings

Training Need Assessment & Survey

Definition of Training Objectives

Development of Training Program

Implementation & Delivery of Training

Evaluation of Training Effectiveness

Employees claim they had no workplace training and that most of their skills were self-taught.


Middle-aged professionals say that job training is important to them.

Survey Monkey, 2021

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