Payroll Management


The issuance and management of payroll with regard to ever-changing statutory requirements can take a toll on company time and expense. Mismanagement exposes firms to fines, errors and delays. People™ processes over $100,000,000 worth of payroll every year for clients in more than 20 countries, adjusted to cater for region-specific regulations at each location.

We keep our clients’ payrolls ready for review or disbursement at a single click. Integration of our online platform with attendance machines, email clients and accounting software allow our service benefits to extend to all aspects of our clients’ business.

Services under Payroll Management Include:

New Joiners, Leavers, Attendance, Benefits & deductions data is provided by client

New Data is incorporated into old payroll data by People™

Gross & Net Salaries + Statutory Payments

Data is reviewed and approved by client

Salaries Disbursed to Staff by People™

Reduce your payroll work to a few hours per year

Payroll Software in Pakistan

With its core operational team in Pakistan, People™ provides effective payroll solutions to clients in more than 20 countries around the world including but not limited to Algeria, Morocco, Kenya, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Lebanon and the United Kingdom. Our ability to do this results from our core competency of swiftly understanding and implementing all taxation, statutory and other local requirements of a new country to have a payroll up and running within a matter of days.

Consequently, People™ has developed skillful techniques over the past 20 years that allow us to instantly expand our domain knowledge of Payroll Processing for any country. The process includes the parallel run of a single month’s payroll after which we independently run an error-free payroll with minimum to no involvement from the client.

The Best Payroll Processing Solutions Integrate Technology

All of People™’s payroll management clients enjoy access to our signature HR Platform called People-i. Through this, their employees can access their salary slips every month, as well as detailed breakdowns of earnings, deductions, taxable and non-taxable incomes that helps minimize queries routed towards HR. Furthermore HR Departments are given access to a variety of Payroll reports allowing them to analyze each payroll with scrutiny. For more information visit the Augmented Outsourcing Technology page.