Employee Outsourcing

Businesses today are keenly focusing on ways to relieve their managers from performing tasks which are repetitive, routine and add little value to their profit objectives. Over the past few decades, employee outsourcing has emerged as the solution to this problem and People™ has been at the forefront of this transition. We present our clients with a unique model, seamlessly amalgamating several HR processes to produce a comprehensive staffing solution.

By outsourcing their staff to People™, Clients are effectively relieved from employees’ day to day HR operations, saving them valuable time and enabling them to focus on more strategic and value adding initiatives.

The scope of work under Staffing Solutions Includes:
Hiring & Replacement
Calculation of Payroll
Disbursement of Salaries
Uniform & Equipment
Statutory Registerations
Statutory Payments

How Does Employee Outsourcing Work

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People has been a market disruptor in the business of Employee Outsourcing by introducing contemporary and cutting edge solutions and practices that had never been utilized before in the Pakistani Market. People™ does not only focus on comfort and facilitation of clients but also strives to provide a fulfilling and caring working environment for its outsourced staff placed at various organizations by offering unique benefits, reliable support and a dedicated and helpful attitude.

Why Choose Us When There Are So Many Outsourcing Companies In Pakistan?

Even though People™ was one of the very first few providers of employee outsourcing solutions in Pakistan, we are at the forefront of implementing the newest practices and technologies to ensure that clients based in Pakistan are offered the same value that would be expected from any world-class service provider.

An example is the pioneering of Augmented Outsourcing Technology, access to which is provided to all outsourced employees on People’s payroll in order to digitally facilitate any HR Administrative activities such as access to Salary Slips, Attendance Records, Performance Management, Analytics and much more. For more information on this, please visit the Augmented Outsourcing Technology page on the website.