In the lively setting of Heritage Luxury Suites, on March 30th, 2024, over 100 HR enthusiasts from Lahore converged for an enlightening rendezvous at the People's #PathToProgress2030 Ramadan Event. This remarkable occasion showcased a dynamic panel discussion on "Career Cushioning," a pivotal topic in today's professional landscape.

At the heart of People's #PathToProgress2030 lies a noble mission: democratizing HR education by offering it to all, free of charge, as a token of appreciation to our HR community. The event spotlighted an illustrious panel of HR stalwarts, featuring luminaries such as Mohsin Nishat, Faisal Rasheed, Sadaf Cheema, Farah Zaheer, Syeda Fizza Batool and Usman Rafique. Adding an extra layer of brilliance to the evening was a captivating session by the legendary Qasim Ali Shah, delving into the realms of Happiness & Spirituality. The convergence of expertise, insight, and inspiration made the event an unforgettable milestone in the journey towards progress and enlightenment.

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