Nutrition International recognizes People™ as Best Provider of HR Services with award

Organizations growing and evolving also means that their HR needs are going to expand and will need to get effectively catered to. One of their most important needs become that their employees and administrative processes are well taken care of. This is where Peopletm gets involved – providing a range of services to help organizations manage more efficiently. Nutrition International is a global NGO funded by the United Nations, Bill & Melinda Gates foundation and the Government of Canada, and Peopletm has been one of their biggest food and financial supports and consultancy providers actively involved in all their field activities that are currently taking place all over Pakistan. We are honored to announce that our international partner has named and awarded Peopletm as the ‘Best Provider of Human Resources services’ where the shield was presented to the members of our team involved in their projects.  

One of the many important services that we have provided to our partner is financial and administrative support. With our help, organizations can streamline their financial operations and reduce the risk of errors or non-compliance. We have also been supporting Nutrition International with wheat, edible oil and flour agreements enabling them to easily source and distribute food materials.

The Maternal Nutrition Health Support Activities agreement was signed between Peopletm and Nutrition International – under which we provide them with the complete consultancy services that we offer with more than 50 consultants that are carrying out everything, from recruitment and selection to training and development, and are managing all their field activities that are currently taking place all over Pakistan. By outsourcing these services to People, organizations can benefit from our expertise and experience, without having to invest in additional resources or infrastructure and take responsibility for added costs that comes with these.

We are honored to have partnered with Nutrition International and happy to have supported all their needs By offering a range of services, from financial support to food support and consultancy outsourcing, Peopletm can help organizations to grow by allowing them to focus on their core competencies and achieve their long-term goals.