Screening Process: Why is Assessing Potential Employees Crucial For Long-term Success?

Screening candidates is a process of reviewing job applications and an essential step in recruitment. Today, assessing candidates during selection is a crucial strategy to attract potential employees. Successful organizations use various AI-integrated HR systems in their recruitment and selection processes. This article will outline three key reasons why assessing potential employee candidates in the selection process is essential for the long-term success of an organization.


Traditional recruitment and candidate selection methods involve reviewing CVs and conducting interviews. However, research shows that around 78% of CVs contain misleading information – 46% have false, untrue, and incorrect information. On the other hand, interviews are unstructured, which is subjective and serves as a poor predictor of a candidate’s performance or ability.

If employees are recruited based on these traditional approaches, it can significantly impact the organization’s success. There is a mismatch between their skills, knowledge, experience, role expectations, and performance.

By assessing the candidate as part of the recruitment process, you will understand how capable the candidate is of the role. It will also allow you to check whether the experience, knowledge, and skills in the candidate’s CV match the performance results of the assessment. This will help you to avoid recruiting un-potential employees before your business starts to experience unproductive problems, thus ensuring that your business process is smooth enough for long-term success.


Employee retention is a crucial element that influences HR planning and decision-making. This is because recruiting staff today is costly. If unsuitable staff is hired based on biased selection methods such as CV screening and interviews, there is a high chance that the team will underperform, leave, or be dismissed.

On the other hand, a candidate assessment can give a complete insight into a candidate’s personality in terms of passion for learning, general ambition, communication skills, critical thinking skills, collaboration skills, honesty, motivation, curiosity, Etc. It will also help you analyze whether the potential candidate is a good fit for the organization’s culture and policies, thus reducing the chances of staff turnover.

If only the most capable candidates are recruited, they will likely perform to the expected standards or even better. They will fit well and smoothly into the culture and policies of the organization. This will increase staff retention and reduce the costs that would otherwise be spent on staff turnover when recruiting new staff. High retention rates can channel all these cost savings into real business investments to ensure long-term success. Not to mention retention also significantly impacts your organization’s reputation, which affects how well you can attract potential candidates for future recruitment with the aim of long-term success.


Recruitment processes are highly time-consuming – on average, it takes 45 days to fill a new position. In addition, many online job advertisements remain open for 90 days. In addition, at least 250 CVs are received, which increases the applicant pool, making it cumbersome, time-consuming, and hectic to identify and select the most suitable candidates.

Fortunately, this process can be drastically streamlined by assessing as part of the selection process, and only potential candidates can be put forward for selection. This helps your HR department save valuable time invested in other productive HR activities that can improve the organization’s existing workforce and, in turn, benefit the organization’s long-term success.

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